Ravens are not just smart; they’re huge, as big as a hawk – and this one can talk!


Mischief is an intelligent white-necked raven that can talk! White-necked ravens are found all over southern and eastern Africa. These birds are very intelligent; they use tools to forage and can also imitate human speech!

Here are some interesting things to know about white-necked ravens. They mostly eat insects, fruits, and small reptiles. The birds are also very social, therefore, very playful as well.

Ravens also chew up ants and rub them through their feathers. No one is exactly sure why they do this, though.

“Mischief can you say hello?” His handler asks while he perches on her outstretched hand. And sure enough, Mischief replies with his own “Hello.” He is rewarded for his effort with some quick feeding.

Mischief can do a lot of voices. As his handler asks him to say ‘hi’ again, he responds in a different pitch from the first time. Not only can he say ‘hi,’ but Mischief also imitates people coughing as well!

However, ravens are intelligent enough that they can even think for themselves with words. Mischief’s handler asks Mischief to say “hello,” but he replies with a throaty croak instead.

“Hello?” She tries again, and this time Mischief replies with a “Hi!”. Has the bird associated the reply for ‘hello’ with a ‘hi’? How smart would he have to be to be able to do that?

The spectacle is all very entertaining to his handler, and she laughs at Mischief’s behavior. He keeps repeating ‘hi’ again and again as his eyes follow her hand. He is expecting her to give him some snacks for his effort.

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