Just the best thing you’ll ever see. Proud mom poses with her babies in their sweet photoshoot.


Belinda Soll is a photograpհer who does photoshoot for new mothers make the happiness of having a baby even more memorable.

When one of his clients, Monica Sancհez, called her to arrange a photo shoot, it seemed to her that it would be like her other regular work.

He could not even imagine what awaited her.

It turned out that the photo series was not for her, who called, but for Mia, her pregnant dog.

The dog was already about a month and a half pregnant, and Monica wanted her faithful friend to be professionally photographed in the last stage of her status who would make it all memorable.

How good it would be if everyone treated their pets with such love and respect and accepted them as a full member of their family!

It was the pհotographer’s first time doing a photoshoot for a pregnant dog, but she liked the idea a lot and enjoyed the process – even the little dog put on a mother’s dress that flies out of it, like a bride’s dress that flutters in the wind.

On the day of the shooting, the pregnant mother, of course, was supported by her proud husband and also their future father.

A few weeks later, she gave birth to six babies, and when Belinda came to do a photo shoot again, she captured some wonderful moments in the life of this wonderful family.

The pictures with the babies are just wonderful and you always want to look at them.

They were supposed to attract the attention of several 100 people, but the real reaction was perfectly shocking and unexpected.

Over 100000people viewed their photo at one night.

The photographer was also amazed to see that index.

Just look at them, how beautiful and sweet they are, all wrapped up in that white blanket.

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