Two sick dogs meeting each other in the kill shelter start to console each other in the most heartbreaking way


Animals are often amaze us so much by their behavior that they seem to understand and feel much more than we humans do.

Regardless of their type, they are ready to help those in need, even risking their lives. They call all of them selfless, which is one of the differences between them and many people.

We have heard such stories countless times, and once again we have been convinced of how sensitive and intelligent creatures dogs are, our best friends and most loyal 4-legged friends.

This story will also surprise you a lot, which tells the story of Neil and Jeremiah, two bright doggies who had no roof and were wandering the streets when they reached a high-kill shelter in Texas.

The two dogs were brought to the shelter one by one, but when Jeremia saw Neil, he suddenly crawled and lay on it, feeling that they were both in the same pain and suffering and needed each other to survive.

The founder of rescue center,Dogs-Rock NYC, Stacy Silverstein said that the dogs just tried to console each other because they felt they were in serious danger.

Fortunately, life was not unfair to these innocent creatures, and they were saved.

The 2 poor and hopeless dogs would have already died if Silverstein had not mediated and acted in time, because being in a murder shelter means that they, if not many other things, will end up in euthanasia.

The dogs are now receiving treatment and are in safe hands, and very soon they will be ready for adoption and will find their happy homes, which will help them forget the cruel days of the past.

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