See inside the doggy bootcamp training America’s K9 soldiers


Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas, is also famous for its elite training facility. This boot camp trains dogs for military missions.

The dogs are trained here from a very young age. Most of the dogs start their training from an early age of seven to eight weeks.

Almost every dog used for any critical mission undergoes their basic training in this facility in Texas. This military training facility makes ordinary dogs become America’s most elite Canine commandos.

At the joint base in San Antonio Lackland, the air force’s 341st training squadron grooms 300 puppies each year. The facility trains these puppies and makes them go through the training setup, which looks like boot camp.

The dogs who graduate from this facility go on to become war dogs. For example, a well-groomed canine commando was one of the dogs who helped track the ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in Syria. Similarly, a Belgian Malinois helped in 2011 to track down Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.

Every time, Major Matthew Kowalski, Commander, 341st Training Squadron, finds out that his dogs have helped in the raids to track down criminals. He feels proud of having trained them.

In this elite training facility, these canines are trained to chase and takedown criminals along with jumping through obstacles such as windows, bridges and walking through small spaces inside the building. They can smell the suspects even behind the closed doors.

In this facility, the dogs and their handlers are trained so that they have perfect coordination. These dogs later work for the FBI, Secret Service, and many other government agencies.

These cute but intelligent and disciplined dogs are one of the most essential parts of the military. They help and support them in various critical military missions.

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