Excited rescue dog ‘Benny’ trying out his new wheelchair ramp for the first time


A 7-month old Goldendoodle named Benny is becoming an internet sensation because of his inspiring story. Benny was born with a spinal condition that rendered his hind legs immobile.

So his parents designed a kind of doggy wheelchair that can be strapped to his hind legs for support. And they took a video of his first time using the wheelchair ramp they designed at their Acworth home.

The 72-second video features Benny frantically testing out the new ramp for safety before managing to roll down it towards Elizabeth Williams, one of his owners.

Elizabeth has been raising Benny and eight other dogs on Tucker Farm, an animal rescue ranch in the northwest corner of Cobb, since he was five weeks old.

She has been using social media to show her followers how well her dogs are doing on her farm and has gained quite a following. But nothing prepared her for the attention that Benny’s videos got.

“I had no idea a dog could bring so much joy to complete strangers,” Williams said Thursday. “We’ve always had a social media following.

But people have reached out to me when their family members pass away and said Benny has brought them so much joy.”

The video has garnered over 180K views, 20K reactions, and nearly a thousand comments on Facebook alone.

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