After being abandoned by her first family, the blind cat finally finds hope for a happy future


Despite the worst of his family’s contempt, rejection, and sadness, he decided to survive. He was also blind. Its first owners were not able to understand him.

Little did they realize that Giselle was a fighter, and because they did not know how to care for her, they took her to a care unit run by the Massachusetts Association to prevent animal cruelty.

His skin was completely tangled and dirty, and his health was in a terrible state.

Animal shelter manager Alisa Krieger noticed something unique in Giselle after interacting with a cat.

He was not only an ordinary cat who wanted to live a simple life, but also had a very tempting character.

This “little beauty” was ready to find a new home after a beautiful haircut, necessary care and treatment.

When they wrote that they were looking for a house for Giselle on social media, she received almost 3000adoption applications, from which they chose Holly’s offer, and they were not mistaken.

Giselle finally found her warm place on this planet, Holly changed the name of the cat to Potato.

He was accompanied by Holly’s three cats, her brothers, all of whom had shown their love for the new member of their family.

Potato has captured the hearts of more than 156 000 people on its Instagram account, who can watch videos like this cute cat(realstumpycat).

The main things – attention and protection, realizing that pets, regardless of their appearance, deserve respect.

The potato became the main character of another happy fairy tale.

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