A 6-year-old girl saves the life of a dog that was left to die in a concrete pit


While playing near her հouse in the United Kingdom, a girl who was just 6 years old, accidentally slipped on a concrete hole.

She suddenly found a dog when she decided to look closer at a hole in the Waterside area of Londonderry.

The dog was thrown into the pit, in the garbage , whose teeth were cracked, and he was thin and blind.

The girl immediately ran home to tell her father to go with her to that hole. So the girl’s father, Kenny, and his daughter, Karan, saved life of the dog and took her home.

After that they immediately contactied the Rainbow Reհoming Center, which rescues and helps to find home stray animals.

The dog, whome they named Bella, took the medical treatment and care she needed.

The veterinarians of the clinic found out that he is completely blind and he can no longer have babies!

Bella was a tender dog, loving and gentle, despite the cruel things that happened to her. His story spread among animal lovers all over the world.

He was then transferred to a foster home to stay until his final home was found. Fortunately, his eternal family found him after seeing his pictures and decided to adopt him.

Sadly, the dog passed away in year 2015 in peace with his loving and caring family.

In any case, he had a happy life after all the hardships and passed away in his eternal and loving family.

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