20+ cats that behave in such ways that will absolutely ‘drive us out of mind’


Cats are so mysterious and amazing creatures, it’s always interesting to follow their behaviour.

Their unusual abilities will leave anyone taken aback.

Without going into too much detail, let’s just look at a bunch of nice and fun cats doing what they do the best.

1. She must be John Cena because I don’t see anything

2. I can’t blame him

3. A cat would never

4. Have you ever in your entire life seen something so furious also be so adorable?

5. Not to dog-pile, but you probably are being judged for your life choices.

6.If it’s a crime to reach for the cheese then we’re all criminals.

7. A gift has been presented.


9. Seems perfect to me.

10. Absolutely not.

11. Cats love boxes, especially pizza boxes.

12. They have given this cat the purr-fect name.

13. It is awfully infuriating, to be fair.

14. How could you decline such a polite and adorable invitation?

15. Congratulations on digging a quality poop hole.

16. Why read when you could pet tabbies instead?

17. You can’t work until you’ve fulfilled your petting obligations and other cat caretaker duties.

18. Being a cat is serious business.

19. This is everything wholesome and purr-fect in life right meow.

20. Don’t you hate when this happens?

21. If you can’t giggle at the faces of yawning cats, what are you even doing with your life?

22. Naturally, he found the purr-fect place to sit.

23. The purr-fect place to sit.

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