The rapper decided to give up his music career to allocate his whole time to rescuing abandoned cats.


Sterling Davis, a famous rapper from Georgia, was on a short break after his rap tour, when he suddenly decided to apply for cat litter gathering at a regional shelter.

He just wanted to occupy himself at that time, to earn some money, and also he always had a huge place for animals in his heart.

Daisy was destined to become part of the big change related to animals after being with stray cats and appearing in rescue operations.

As a result, he decided to convene a meeting with members of his group to advise him not to return by his choice, as he had decided to devote all his time to rescuing cats, helping them, and setting an example for the community.

He also heard that he was the only black man out there working with cats, but it didn’t mean anything for him.

His main goal was to help the animals, to encourage the rescue and care of all stray cats.

The rapper spent about 5 years here researching everything he needs to know about cat care.

Eventually, in 2017, he decided to use his skills by founding Trap King Humane ցat Solutions.

When the community learned about TrapKing, the Atlanta Humane Society expressed a desire to voluntarily spay the cats for free, which was extremely profitable at the time as the organization’s resources were very limited.

The group is also based on the idea of improving relationships between blackmen and cat rescue work.

The rapper also plans to tour with her rescued cats, with names Bowie, Damita Joey and Alanis Muisett, mostly to raise public onsciousness and support local shelters.

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