The golden puppy is like a “unicorn” cause it has one ear above հis head


From a distance, the Rae the Golden Retriever can look like any other Golden, but it has a very unique feature that differs from the rest, as one ear above the head.

But with all this, he looks wonderful. Ray was left with one ear after being accidentally injured after his birth.

It is believed that his dog mother played with him too rudely, for which there was an urgent need for surgery to remove the ear.

After that he was left with only one ear, which migrated to the top of his head as he grew taller. Now he looks like a unicorn.

Briana Aardema was one of the people who cared for Ray at the Friends Veterinary հospital in Grand Rapids, located in Michigan.

The moment she saw Ray, he had a great desire to bring the dog home and take care of him, giving him his love and warmth.

Fortunately, Ray can still hear with one ear normally, so it’s almost nothing to worry about already!

He may look different from other dogs, but that makes him unique and he is a very active, cheerful, intelligent golden dog, just like any other puppy.

His unicorn ear has captured the hearts of people all over the world as his paintings spread everywhere and caught people’s attention.

His owner created Instagram for him just two weeks ago, it already has more than 20000followers.

The doggie spends the best time of her life in her new home, she gets the best love and care in the world.

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