Orphaned baby donkey skeptical of new friends, kicks everyone away


Hasty Haven Horse Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving yearlings, foals, horses, and many other animals tortured and abused. The organization found a baby donkey Teeter who was rejected by her mom after birth.

So, the caregivers brought her to the rescue home, where there were various rescued animals. They knew that Teeter would need friends, but she would not bond with anyone who tried to come close to her.

For the first few weeks, Teeter did not like to bond at all. Then, the caregivers gradually introduced Teeter to the new friends in the rescue haven. When Teeter saw the pig, she would just kick the pig and run away.

Then she was introduced to the grown-up horses and would be scared and run away as they came closer. Even the German Shepherd had no luck in becoming her friend.

That is when Nellie, a young horse, came to the rescue haven. She came only two weeks after Teeter was brought in. Nellie was also abandoned when she was young.

When Teeter and Nellie met for the first time, both of them instantly liked each other. However, Nellie was the more curious one. She was super excited to meet a new friend. Nellie was jumping around the whole field.

After some time, both Teeter and Nellie became friends. Both the young ones love to spend time together. They even ate their lunch beside each other and kept running around their enclosure, and had a lot of fun.

Nellie acts like a teacher to Teeter. These young and beautiful animals show us that friendship can guide and give you a sense of purpose.

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