Gentle Border Collie and a funny bunny welcome new kitten home


An unlikely friend group would emerge as a kitten is introduced to a pair of house pets- a Border Collie and a bunny. There is a stereotype that certain animals are difficult to integrate into a family unit.

Because of the predator-prey context that comes into play, dogs are wired to hunt after small prey animals while rabbits, given their size and nature, are prey creatures. Cats are natural predators.

But this particular trio- Bianmu a Border Collie, Tutu a bunny, and Milky a kitten- would defy the odds. The Border Collie and the bunny are seen interacting in what seems like a harmless chase.

The kitten is being transported. The small feline creature mews and reaches out of a cardboard box. She surveys the environment before getting comfortable on the enfolding paper flannel.

The big black and white Border Collie is already at the front door when the car and cat arrive. He couldn’t contain his excitement to meet the newest living mate. He stands on his hind legs and reaches for the doorknob.

It is a fascinating sight as all three animals quickly bond and interacts with one another. While the kitten and rabbit run around on the table and lounge on the sofa, the Border-Collie watches over them.

The kitten, dog, and bunny become best friends very quickly. This makes the kitten rather comfortable in her new home as the rabbit and dog dote on the feline, enjoying her company.

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