22 funny and amusing pics of sweet little babies who look older tհan their real age


Babies are the sweet little angels in our lives, that make our life a better place.

There are just some babies that look a little bit different than another babies at their age.

No matter how they look they are still so cute and adorable. Just look at their funny pictures below.

1. Lost my everything

2. Little old man

3. Put me back!

4. She looks like an old aunty that always judging you

5. That hair

6.Look at his forehead wrinkles

7. He was very judgy

8. Danny Devito?

9. He’s two weeks old

10. Super cute face

11. This baby looks like he’s ready to pour you a pint at his pub

12. Already been through a lot it’s made him old baby

13. What a cutie!

14. Little one looks like they lived through several wars

15. Feel judged

16. What did you just say?

17. Being born is tough work

18. 2 weeks or 50 years

19. He’s already regretting his life decisions

20. 5 weeks old and so grumpy

21. He is like a cartoon character

22. She’s sick of everything

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