Man’s small heart grows three sizes after he meets little bald Cockatoo


Eve Butler is the mom of the cute little cockatoo. However, in the beginning, she had to literally beg her husband to save the bird. Eve was volunteering at the local parrot rescue, where she saw Fefe for the first time.

Fefe, the cockatoo, had totally plucked her own feathers and was relinquished. Fefe was suffering from anxiety issues and had a habit of going in circles. The reason might be that she was kept in a small cage.

Eve falls in love with this innocent little bird and decides to bring her home. However, her husband was not interested in getting the bird home. Despite all odds, she adopts the innocent bird.

Soon enough, Fefe gets friendly with Eve’s husband. In time both the bird and Eve’s husband form an inseparable bond. They are always together and love each other a lot.

He sits on the couch and gives Fefe a foot massage. Fefe can’t be separated from him. She goes around the house looking for him and always wants to be close to him.

If Fefe finds that Eve’s husband is outside the house, she would just tap on the glass door and make a noise to tell him to take her with him. Even when he goes for a swim, Fefe accompanies him and wants to be involved.

Fefe even goes for a swim on her raft with him. Eve and her husband allow her to roam freely in the living room where Fefe can see them. Fefe goes to her cage only during the night.

This really helps her to recover from her past trauma. They even have a dance party before they go to bed. This makes Fefe incredibly happy and also gives her a realization that she has a family.

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