This is so hearttouching!! A wild horse saved the life of a little young mare from the river


Perhaps you have become accustomed to hearing that horses are very intelligent and sensitive animals.

They are devoted and caring animals especially to their family members who take care of them. They are willing to risk their lives to help those in need.

Thus a wild horse saved the life of a young horse crossing the river and an insane foal.

There are several families of mustangs in the forests of Arizona.

And Park Service volunteer Becky Standridge captivated one of the large families there with a dominant stallion, the famous Champ.

They were trying to cross the Salt River.

The day was calm and pasture. And the quiet air was disturbed by a loud scream.

It was terrible and disturbing. It turned out that an inexperienced young horse wanted to cross the river, but could not. So he was drowning in the center of the river.

Fortunately, the fearless champion was there to defend her. Noticing that the young foal was fighting for his life, he immediately went back to get him out of the water.

He generously guided her in the right direction and saved her life.

These heartwarming scenes were captured by volunteers. You will agree that the scene is really remarkable and moving.

The animals are truly amazing and amaze us day by day with their intelligence and caring nature.

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