The little koala hugged her tightly all the time of her mother’s operation and did not miss her. animals know how to love a parent (photo)


We humans always think that only we can experience real feelings and understand what love is, but come and see that it is not so, and animals know about true love.

So, the six-month-old Little koala Phantom did not leave her for a second during the entire operation of her mother.

It all started with an accident when the Phantom’s mother Lizi collided with a car while driving down the street. The phantom was on his shoulders, but he didn’t say anything, but Lisey was seriously injured.

Doctors urgently operated on him, but could not get the little Phantom to break away from him. The koala hugged her mother, clung to her and did not want to let go. The doctors were forced to leave him, and he followed the course of the entire operation.

As a result, Lizi’s operation was very successful. Now he is in pretty good condition and is taking antibiotics as part of the doctors’ control. Doctors assure that the child’s love helps him even more to forget his pain and recover quickly.

That’s how strong love can be, even if it’s alive.

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