Amiable group of volunteers started to take instant actions releasing 108dogs from a puppy mill


Dogs have a very bad place in the puppy mill and live in very poor living conditions. They hardly get even the most basic necessities of life here.

Everything is dirty, they are closed in narrow spaces. They do not even get clean water. Vets do not visit them at all.

As soon as Cavalier Rescue learned of the planned auction, where 108 cubs would be in a puppy mill, they immediately took steps to rescue them and devised a plan.

Soon all the dogs would be saved, and all the dogs that had been abandoned and tortured would now have their new homes and a beautiful future.

The man who raised the little ones planned to sell them to the puppy mill, but fortunately he could not and everything failed.

Very poor dogs had very poor eyesight and hearing due to the infections they got there. Some were covered in feces on their bodies.

With the help of the people, they managed to get all the means necessary to save all the cubs.

Angie Ingram, the founder and head of the operation, along with her team, did not hide their enthusiasm for the support they receive every day.

These cute little puppies will soon get what they can not even imagine their free life. First, they took everyone with them. Everyone was thoroughly cleaned.

They had their new homes. Many veterinarians decided to join in and help treat everyone. Many of the dogs suffered and were dehydrated.

Dogs can now finally trust people again. They are finally free and in love. Happiness and health now take them to new homes with truly generous owners.

After all they have gone through, now they are all finally saved, healed, happy in their new homes with their owners. Thank you for saving these miracles

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