The dog cried incessantly, barking at his pregnant owner, in the end he saved her and her baby’s life


After getting acquainted with this story, you will see once again how amazingly clever animals are dogs, our wonderful friends.

It is unbelievable, but the sweet dog felt what doctors could not diagnosse in a pregnant woman.

Ricky and his wife, Alhana, live in Doncaester, England. They have a beautiful dog named Keola.

When they found out that Alhanna was pregnant, everyone was excited and very happy. After many years, they will finally have a baby.

But about two months later, the dog began to do strange things that he had never done before. He was constantly barking at Alhanna, even crying, trying to warn her of something.

At first, Alhana did not pay attention to the barking of their disturbed dog, cause when she went to the doctor, they told him that there was surely no danger to them.

One day, when Keolan was worried about Alhanna again and did uncomfortable things , Ricky decided to take a picture of them and post it on Facebook, jokingly mentioning that he was afraid of Keola’s anxious look.

When Alhana’s friends saw the pic of them, they offered her to take the dog’s anxiety seriously, she definitely does not do it inappropriately. That’s why she decided not to ignore it and once again went to the doctor to look over the pregnancy.

After some analysis,turned out that she had a kidney infection and they didn’t know bout it. It turned out that if Keola did not feel it and warn them about it, she could die with the unborn baby.

Alhana was unbearably shocked. he was not aware of the infection before, he felt very bad. Fortunately, Alhana overcame the operation and the baby was happily born healthy.

They could hardly believe that such thing could happen. They named their little newborn baby Lincoln. The dog never leaves the child alone.

And besides, he now lookes after of his newborn little brotherr. There are simply no words to say. That’s not a dog, he’s definitely an angel.

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