The cat with 4 sweet kitties gets a loving home where they can live happily


Laura Malonee, the director of the Mini cat town rescue service in California, found a family of cats in urgent need of a home.

The cat and its 4 cubs were taken to a local animal shelter. No other information about their origin has been revealed.

The litle cubs had so beautiful brown fur like chocolate, which is very rare.

Mars is a mother cat. At first he was restless, he felt uncomfortable in the new environment, but he quickly adjusted when he felt that he and the cubs were safe.

Laura went on to say that on the first day she cried incessantly.

But it turned out that he was just trying to get to know me, explaining that he was protecting his cubs, but he also wanted to communicate with people and be loved.

The little cubs grow up healthy and joyful thanks to the warmth and care of their mother.

They are still restless; they learn to use their paws as if they were playful and mischievous. They’re cute, they’re fun to chase after their escapes.

Day by day cats grow up to be more beautiful, mischievous and smart.

Cats now spend most of their time outdoors, playing and running for long periods of time.

Finally, Laura mentions that Mars is a mother who prefers her cubs to always be small, but they start to grow and become more active.

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