He turns the trees into cats – օne of the most marvellous “parks” on earth


All the pictures,that you see, are the works of the astounding Richard Sanders who is a famouse surrealist artist.

That’s the name of the creator of these masterpieces. He is a surrealistic painter, an ordinary British man who creates very difficult images of cats from trees and bushes.

It should be noted that his works of art have a great reputation not only in England but also abroad.

His idea to create huge pictures of cats arose at the very instant moment when he saw a pic on the trees, which were very useful.

It was then that the artist realized what his hobby and favorite work was. All of his works are different, but his main inventiveness and inspiration came from his sweet cat, named Tolla.

Sadly, his cat has died lately, but Richard keeps his memory in each of his new masterpieces.

Artist has a page on the social media, where he presents his new works to his followers.

Many people even hardly believe that they’re just pictures and they are really sure that it is real.

Shrubs, trees, which are cut in such an unusual way.

“I paint gardens of England, put some bushes on them, which are cut in the shape of a cat,” said the artist.

His works are just marvellousl, aren’t they?

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