Abandoned dog waiting for owners to return befriends stray cat


A kind cat has garnered a lot of attention recently for “adopting” an abandoned dog in the streets of South Korea. The stray dog never leaves the apartment he lived in before he was abandoned, regardless of the weather.

The most curious thing to observe about the cat is that the furry companion does not leave the side of his dog friend. The cat is difficult to get a hold of and flees when people approach them.

The dog looks keenly at the faces of everyone who walks by. Unfortunately, the elderly couple who raised the dog had to go to an old age care facility that did not accommodate pets.

The innocent animal has been living alone in front of the building for 6 months. One of the individuals residing in the building even made a make-shift shelter for the animal to keep him safe from the harsh weather outside.

However, the stray dog never goes away and lies down near the door of the building with his faithful cat friend. They even keep themselves warm at night by embracing each other.

Many people believe that they are aware of their differences, but they still stay together to console each other. For example, the kind neighbors ensure that they are well fed but are concerned because the winter is approaching.

So, the neighbors contacted a local veterinarian who told them that both the animals were safe and now have been taken to an animal shelter temporarily. Everyone involved is hoping that they find the best forever home for both of them.

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