The miraculously rescued dog refuses to let go of its owner, fearing that he will be abandoned again


There are some dogs, as people, that need some personal space to feel safe and comfortable.

They want to do everything alone, such as eating, walking or sleeping. But our sweet dog named Stanley is surely not one of them.

The pup was adopted by a person named Sam Clarance, who lives in NewZealand. From the minute they met, the boy began to notice how the scared dog turned into a so-called “sticky” dog.

At first, Stanley was afraid to even stay without his owner for a while. He thought he was going to lose him forever.

The dog was just asking for care, which made the boy feel some discomfort when he had to go somewhere.

Sam told about their first meeting with Stanly. He did volunteering and often came to the shelter near their house to help the dogs walk.

At that time, he found a dog in the abandoned area with his two 6-month-old pups.

The young boy was asked to take care of at least one of the dogs.

However, as unexpected as it was, meeting Stanley with the boy became so stressful.

When Sam for the first tine brought him home, he promptly bathed the pet, fed him, and made a comfortable place to sleep by the fireplace.

After a while, the puppy finally got used to living at home, learning to eat and drink on his own.

The baby began to sleep with Sam, completely adjusting to everything.

When Sam is in the car, he has to communicate with the pet. Even if he is watching TV, Stanly comes to give her a paw to touch her.

Sam has definitely never met such a loving dog before…

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