The cat, who lost both of his ears, has eventually found a warm home for the rest of his life


A kitten with a name Potato, is a very kind, intelligent kitten, who was sadly born without ears. In China.

When rescuers found a severe cereminous adenoma in his ear, he was taken to a veterinarian and treated for the adenoma, but doctors had to remove the ears to prevent a recurrence of his illness.

Our beautiful Potato has fully recovered after a successful operation; now she lives in a very loving and caring family with her brother and sister, with whom she plays, runs, and has fun every single day.

It can be said, that every day in their life is a new wonderdul adventure with this deaf cat, and they decided to share it with everyone on social media.

Her adoptive parents opened an Instagram page for her, where they tell the life of this curious cat, all the amazing stories that happen.

They just wrote the following in the blog, noting:
“Nobody knows when our cat, the Potato, was born and how old he is, because he used to be a stray cat.”

His family assumes that he is about 6 years old, but since it is difficult to know the real age, they made a decision to celebrate Potato’s birthday on April 25, 2019y.

So, every year, the birthday of our sweet Potato is celebrated with a lot of balloons and a sweet cake, making it a real holiday.

She lives a very happy life now with her wonderful family, filling their lives with joy and pleasant emotions.

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