Rescued baby robin learns to fly with a little help from mom


Viewers all over the world are falling in love with a baby Robin. A video showing a caring lady raising the bird is melting hearts and bringing back memories for people who also found birds when they were younger.

In the video, Elizabeth tells the viewers how she found the bird. She saw her dog sniffing something in the backyard, and when she went over to inspect, she found a scared baby bird in the grass.

She documented her entire journey with the baby bird. First, she moves the bird to a safer location and waits for the parents to return and feed their offspring.

She notices after five hours that the parents are not returning, and she decides to intervene. She takes the starving bird inside her house and starts feeding it worms and water.

She is elated to see that the tiny creature survived the night and continues to care for it. Viewers get to experience how the cute little bird grows up and seems to really love his new mommy.

She calls the bird Randal, and he becomes stronger and bigger as the video progresses. Azlie Lyana is another viewer that fell in love with Randal. She wrote: ’Bless this lady for taking care of this little robin and allowing him to return when he was ready.’

Later in the video, Elizabeth trains Randal how to hunt for food and drink water by himself. She pets him and walks around with Randal on her shoulder like a pirate.

Viewers enjoy this heartwarming journey, and loving comments are streaming in from all over the globe.

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