Husky took me to the forest by force.” The dog entered the box and took out 7 cats, saving them from death.


A woman with a name Whitney Brale, lives in Georgia, Melno. She is 30 years old and a mom of three and sadly she has health problems.

She can’t walk, so her family takes care of her and her family in everything. She had a dog, husky called Banner․

One day very unusual things started to happen and the woman started to realize, that the husky was trying to tell her something important.

The dog barked all the time, jumped, catched her clothes and wanted to pull her out of the house.

Following her dog, the woman went to the forest and went into the thicket of bushes. And there she all of a sudden noticed a box that someone had thrown there.

The husky promptly plunged into the box and brought out a little white kitten,then another, and another…

The owner thought that they were dead cause they didn’t make any sound. But happily they were still alive. There were seven kittens.

They brought them home and fed immediately. They were so little and tiny and maybe 1 day old.

Taking care of these kittens was a huge challenge for the woman.

But she could do it and her loyal dog helped her a lot.

The faithful husky suddenly turned into a nurse who takes care of her little ‘puppies’ keeping them warm and safe. Such a wonderful story..Right?

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