Exuberant puppy takes horse for a walk with leash in her mouth


Mojo, a horse at a farm, loves going on walks with his cute puppy friend Oden. In fact, Oden leads Mojo on a leash!

The small brown-colored puppy holds the long rein and takes him for a long walk on a scenic trail. Oden has the harness in his mouth and majestically walks in front of Mojo.

The owner of the Mojo and Oden enjoys the hilarious moment as she finds it very funny that the puppy was controlling a taller, stronger, and faster horse than her puppy.

Mojo appears to be a very gentle horse. He obediently walks with his puppy friend Oden. Mojo accompanies him to walk in every corner of the massive farmland, which has a scenic view.

The farm is located in a stunning location, and all the animals look healthy and happy. Apart from Mojo and Oden, another dog was very interested in joining them in the fun activity and followed both the animals.

Oden was trying really hard to keep the rein in his mouth. However, in the end, Mojo wanted to stop being controlled by his puppy friend, but Oden was not ready to do that.

Oden wanted to continue walking around, but as Mojo stepped on the long rope that controlled him, Oden could not continue any longer.

Any onlooker would love the bond between the tiny puppy and the horse and be surprised to see such a beautiful friendship.

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