A dog who had a cruel life, escapes from his new family and finds a way to his rescuer


This dog’s story named Pepper took several different turns before he became a permanent member of the Josh family. Here’s Pepper’s story, which Josh wrote according to him.

“Hello, I’m Pepper. I used to be a stray dog who was later referred to the SPCA. Unfortunately, one of the pet collectors took me inside, abused me, and then, ignoring me, locked me in a 110-degree warehouse in Houston, Texas.I only eat twice a week, can you imagine? When I was asleep, I was strangled on my exercise-bike, and I learned how to sleep standingup.

“When my rescuer, Josh, finally found me, he took me to a veterinarian. He said my rescuer that I had plague, more than 27 wounds, ticks, broken legs, malnutrition, and so on.

“My Savior made me look good, He gave me a family to take care of me, to make me a member of their family. But they lost me within a month, as I left home and ran away. One week later, a pedagogue fortunately found me at a university about a mile away, left me at a vet clinic, where I lived for 4 days.

Josh was always in touch with the family he gave me, as he was doing his job because I used to have microchips, and they were ready to find me, when he called them․ »

“The family said it was an accident, and they took me back to them. But a month later they lost me again. I ran 14 miles to the same veterinary clinicc where the university teacher first took me.

They knew who I was, they called Josh, I hoped he would take care of me. That’s what happened. Yes, the dreams come true, and mine did. I am a very happy doggie now, who lives in an amazing family, and also has a husky friend. “My owner feeds me the most delicious food. Also it’s so good that I live next to a dog park.”

Dogs that were rescued from such a cruel life, always remember the ones who rescued them. The story of this wonderful doggie and his rescuer was so moving.

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