The poor dog, blinded by the attacker, gave his paw to the woman, begging her to remove his pain.


It is due to this kind of people that we start to believe in humanity again.

Two rescuers from Diasonzo Animal Rescue noticed something in the grass as they went to a nearby village to feed the stray animals.

So they looked closely and suddenly realized that it was a poor dog starving there.

The dog could hardly move because he was seriously injured. So the rescuers took him to the veterinarian for examination.

It turned out that the dog was injured deliberately cause there were some wounds around his chest, and an old jaw breakage.

One of her eyes was also in a very bad condition and needed an instant surgery to remove it, but they should wait as long as she was strong enough to move a little. So she they gave her some painkillers to rest and sleep.

She was so weak that can’t even eat or drink on her own. So, the vets fed the dog.

Luckily, she went through the surgery a few days later, and they were sure that she would recover as she was so courageous and smart.

The only thing the dog could do was sleep for the first few days after surgery. Then he was able to eat and sit alone, by himself.

She was already ready to go to a foster home, but it would be better for her to stay in the medical center a bit more to get stronger.

Fortunately, he fully recovered and was adopted by a kind and loving family who named him Honey. It’s so good that everything ended happily!!

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