The poor bait dog, who lost part of his face and ear, can no longer stop moving his tail


When an animal shelter received this pit bull with a name Abigail, she was poorly persecuted.

That’s obvious cause he had lost one part of her face skin and and also total ear.

The veterinarian explained that poor Abigail had suffered several dreadful wounds because of dog-fightings he took part before.

Happily, she was recognized as ” HeroDog of The Year” by the american Humanne’s yearly awards gala.

When photoss of her injuries first appeared on FaceBook one year before, a woman from Florida, managing a non-profit organization ‘Love is FurEver Dog Rescue’, Victoria Fraser, decided to intervene to save her from a bad situation.

He was really anxious, that Abigail might be euthanized, so he decided to take her to the Pets first-wellness center for wound-healing, a regenerative skin transplant.

As Abigail had lost her right ear, Fraser began to cover her head with a headscarf, and our star, Abigail, was here again, safe and sound.

Thus, seeing what he wore on his head, prompted network users to send him more hats and another accessories.

Abigail entered to her new eternal home to live happily with Megan և Jason Steinkers in Fort Mayers, Florida.

Once Megan said the following․ “You can see how he looke like several months ago, and how he is today. “My dog is so cute, loving and forgiving, his kind nature will absolutely inspire other people to save stray dogs”.

At the 16th Beverly Hills ceremony that took place in September, Abigail won all the competitorս and won the award hero of the year.

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