The family finds moose with its little calves, which turned out to spend the whole day in their yard


This is a story about a moose mom and her two young cubs, spotted in the backyard by a man from Anchoraghe, Alaska.

That man, named Ryan Rindstrom, determined to document the scene after seeing the endearing animals spend the whole day there because it turned out their mom loves grass very much.

The man told in the documentary that the animals spent from 9 am to 7 pm in his backyard, and they even got their lunch with the help of their mother.

Happily for us, Ryan was able to photograph the whole trip of the animals and up-loaded them to the social media for us to see.

Now we can look at them and enjoy the pictures of this sweet little family.

He told that the moose mom loves a lot to eat the orange blossom leaves, the bleedin hearts, the astilba, the leaves on the trees, the neighbour’s orange begonias and his yellow begonias.

He also added that the moose family ran away from the backyard after seeing another cow and her calves ran out through the backyard.

They are so cute and andorable, and they seem to really enjoy spending time in the man’s garden.

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