A pitbull wandering with an injured head found a home and love in the arms of a police officer


It’s a story about a pitbull dog who was luckily saved by kind hearted people who didn’t left her alone and helpless․

One day The Mount Laurel Police Department received a call from an injured puppy who was fighting in an isolated industrial area in New Jersey.

Fortunately, one officer arrived directly at the scene and was able to rescue the dog, which had a very bad head wound.

The puppy was then taken to the Burlington cCounty Animal Shelter for first aid.

The department reached out to the public in hopes of finding the dog’s family as it had no ID or microchip.

It turned out that the dog was homeless, as no one showed up.

So when Officer Matthew O’Hanlon found out about it, he immediately went to adopt a 3-month-old puppy.

Thor the puppy lives great with Matthew, who has always loved pit bulls.

Matthew said he would allow Thor to forget his difficult past by giving him the life he deserves. How delightful!

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