A man rescued a frightened dog and did everything to restore his faith in human


This is a heart-touching story about a poor dog who lost his his trust in people after what happened to him.

A romanian animal rescuer and supporter named Kola Kariola was in shock after seeing an unlucky and helpless dog who needed instant help at first hand.

That man, who has devoted his life to helping stray and poor animals in suffering, has created his channel on YouTube and uploads the stories about rescued animals he makes.

The dog turned into skin and bones cause he was left without anything to eat or drink for some days.

At the beginning, the dog was so afraid of him cause he had a very bad story with humans but when the man took him to safety and gave him a bath, kissed him again and again, he started to feel comfortable and safe.

The great thing is that the dog started to show how good and kind he is after bathing and getting a cozy place to sleep and eat.

The good news is that the dog was adopted by a man who already has a great family and really cares about dogs gently..

Such a happy ending, right?

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