The smallest horse refused by his mother lives side by side with his three dog friends now


This is a story about the smallest horse of the world, whose mother left him because of his tiny body. He lives with his pony-trainer and her 3 dogs.

The six-week-old pony is smaller than an average dog. His weight is about twenty pounds, which is smaller than the size of average pony.

The owner of Peabody, named Faith Smith, described this pony as the smallest horse at the age of him in the whole world.

Peabody lives with her owner in his house, like other pets of him. His previous owner was offered by the vet to put and end of poor animal’s life after he refused by his mother, but luckily, Smith decided to save little pony.

The little horse even had several health problems, some disabilities with his jaw, risk that he couldn’t walk, probability to be deaf or blind, but Smith knew for sure that everything was going to be great and he would absolutely have a better life.

After the adoption Smith went to the country to take up little pony Peabody.

Soon after that day little horse recovered a lot and had several ‘victories’, as his jaw has lined up, even his head has grown and also he sees perfectly, and walks normally. Although he is deaf, it does not prevent her from feeling comfortable.

Peabody also gets along well with their three dogs and plays with them in their beautiful garden.

The smallest horse in the world enjoys its life and feels very happy and loved.

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