The most real Friendship starts right after that when cat comes home with a letter


When Zach King was out on the street, he often wondered where his cat Billy had gone.

Through the door flap a 1-year-old cat who had been rescued by his kind owners comes and goes when he wants, exploring the surroundings.

King thought that Billy spent most of his time alone, chasing mice. But then he realized that his pet was living a double life.

One day cat came home with a piece of paper around his neck.

King and his girlfriend started to open it, where they found a very sweet letter sent by one of their neighbours.

There’s written. “When your cat is outside, he loves to visit us. He will sit at the door and meow, asking permission to enter.

It’s actually pretty funny and we love it! We do not understand where he is from. By the way, what’s his name? Billy is his name. “Greetings from your friendly neighbours!”

The letter delighted them very much. It turned out that the cat likes to hang out with other people.

His girlfriend Olga quickly wrote a response to the letter and attached it on Billy’s necklet.

They have no idea who wrote the letter but hoped that their message will reach them.

“Ohhh!” wrote the unknown neighbour to Billy’s knowledge of where to go I think our flatmate saw his tag in the summer. He revealed the name to me! Thanks for your letter. He was so taken aback that he immediately returned to give it! Looks like a carrier pigeon, but prettier … “Have an enjoyable evening!”

Billy returned to a postal courier for 2 strange neighbors, and they promptly became pen-pals.

A few months later, the neighbors had already exchanged a thousand notes.

They started to discuss anything with each other such as cooking or movie ideas.

Finding a new buddy at a time when making new friends is not easy was a godsend for the couple.

They are also happy that Billy now has his second caring family to take care of him while he is out of his house.

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