The kind savior sent by God laid his hand on his head and said, “Not yet.”


His body was damaged entirely and he started to cry of pain. He was at death’s door when finally a kind human from a rescue group ran to help him.

The kind-hearted person gave his hand to him and when the dog felt the touch, already knew that he was safe finally.

The man took him to the clinic cause he had to take some medical surgery. He had got a brain injury and because of that his body seized.

He had a lot of surgeries but they gave him the treatment he needed and didn’t let him suffer.

In spite of all the pain he had, he gained all his strength left and got around by himself.

Luckily he started to eat properly which was a very good sign.

Then he started physiotherapy. He needed to gain strength, and he should do it with the right exercises.

He’s much better in a few weeks! He’s so happy, and yeah, he loves to eat a lot.

His rescuers decided to move him in a wheelchair. He is very joyful and his new wheels will help him move easely!

They put him in a wheelchair and now he can move properly.

This is amazing! And as well that’s the delicious food that helped to recover quickly.

All the workers were so happy for him and also proud that he is so strong and smart.

Sooner he will feel so well that will be ready to be adopted by kind people. Sounds cool. Right?

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