Sweet dog finally finds his caring family spending 981 days in shelter


This is Nitro, a sweet little dog, who was rescued by a good samaritan.

He immediately took the little doggy to the Brookheven animal shelter located in New York, hoping to find a caring family for him.

When pit bull came to the shelter, all the volunteers of shelter became infatuated with with him.

That’s why they were all sure that sweet little doggie would absolutely find a good parents for him.

Sadly, it has already passed 3 years after that day (981 days),and pit bull Nitro is still waiting at the shelter for his new family.

He hasn’t lost his hope that they are looking for him. Though all the workers at the shelter take care of him, having a loving home is different.

As mentioned one of the volunteers from animal shelter named Brookhaven, it’s very hard for him to overcome life in shelter and he deserved a smile on his face and a joyful life.

Despite all the struggles he went through, Nitro remained a very sweet and kind dog.

He always had a bright smile on his face that and gave it to the all of workers of shelter.

And of course, his broad smile will undoubtedly brighten the life of any parent who is ready to give him a home forever․..

All he wanted was to be loved and have a caring family instead of a shelter.

We are happy to report that he has already found a forever home for him and now is living a joyful life with his parents. Our lovely pitbull after more than 3 years finally have his home and kind-hearted owners.

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