Street cat rescued with a tape around its neck and gave it a second chance


The stray cat was found with a huge roll of band around its neck by locals in the Baldwin park which was located in California.

No one could knew what had happened to the poor little cat, but it was clear that he was in great pain and urgently needed help.

They immediately called Animal Control to rescue the cat and help her.

Many rescuers tried to catch him, but they could not, because he was afraid of people.

However, rescuers of him didn’t give up and decided to try again on Valentine’s Day, hoping to save the life of the kitty.

After that, they sent the cat to an animal shelter on the Cucamonga ranch for medical examination.

They managed to calm him down to examine the wound on his neck, and they found that it had been on him for several months. Vets at the shelter cleaned and fixed the area around his entire neck and ears.

They decided to name kitten Valentine because that was the day thas his life was saved.

Valentine recovered very soon after the treatment and began to eat normally without the tape around his neck.

However, he was still quite timid and shy with people.

Fortunately, his behavior began to change when he was transferred to a foster home.

Cat’s new parents looked after him and helped him to trust people again after he was injured.

Valentine, desperate for love, care and kindness, has finally found a home where he enjoys his bright and joyful life.

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