Playful Pitbull becomes nanny to two adorable kittens


Zack and Mary have been fostering kittens for a while now. They also have a pet Pitbull who they have named Bellini. This Pitbull is a very playful but gentle dog who loves to make friends.

Bellini was on a mission to be friends with her foster feline siblings Pinot & Schnapps. Pinot was a rescue cat who was abused in her previous home.

Mary still believes that Pinot was a foster failure for her as she had to work hard to get her love.

However, Bellini never gave up. She was always trying to be close to Pinot and would always try to play with her. But, on the other hand, the cat would make sure that the dog understood that she was not interested.

Due to this reason, Bellini wanted to be friends with Pinot even more. Then, however, a situation arose in their life. Pinot had a life-threatening ailment. Even the other foster cat, Schnapps, showed signs of Lymphoma.

Bellini could sense that they were sick and knew what was going on. She would hop up on the couch, be very calm, and sit beside the sick cats.

Schnapps was the first one to pass away. The day Pinot passed away, Bellini gave her the gentlest kiss on her face.

This was something that they never did ever. Bellini cried for days as she missed both her cat siblings. There was also a rise in her anxiety level, and she became totally dependent on her mom and dad.

So, Zack and Mary decided to foster again. Soon, Grappa and Scotch arrived at their new home. There was an instant connection between the cats and Bellini.

She would lay down on the ground to be at the same level as the cats. She acted like a nanny and loved to groom them. All of them are getting along well and are enjoying the adventures of life together.

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