Puppy surprise for birthday brings 16-year-old girl to tears


A teen on her sweet 16 birthday received a surprise gift of a 9-week old puppy. Receiving an animal as a gift is memorable and a charming gift for a birthday.

The gift of an animal stands out and can be remembered over a lifetime by all parties involved. Puppies are adorable and will definitely melt the heart of a loved one.

Dad arrives home with the puppy sleeping in a box. He sets it down by the door and covers it with a jacket before asking Sarah to step out and pick her present.

Sarah, the 16-year old, comes out of the house to receive the present of the brown-colored puppy. She immediately picks up the pup, cuddles it, and sheds tears of joy.

Sarah calls out Maya to share in the memorable moment. She says that she completely loves the puppy and it’s the best present she has ever received from her parents.

A birthday present that makes you scream at the top of your lungs or simply shed tears of joy means that it’s memorable. It’s simply love at first sight between a teen and an adorable pup.

Animals create a special bond with humans. For Sarah and the newly bought puppy, the connection is instantaneous.

The dog will become a new addition to the family.

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