Johnny Carson gets served by talking parakeet


Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show, which is an American talk show under the Tonight Show franchise. This show initially aired late-night and thus created the basic foundation of modern late-night talk shows.

Recently one of the interviews from the show had grabbed a lot of attention. He interviewed a “talking” parakeet and his owner Norma.

The show aired on NBC from October 1, 1962, to May 22, 1992, and was number 12 on TV Guide’s 50 Greatest Television Shows of All Time. Carson had several famous guests during his tenure that included several political figures and celebrities.

Carson had also met many animals and birds during his tenure as a host of the tonight show. He could just take any situation and make his audience laugh.

In one of his interviews, Carson had invited a lady named Norma along with her “talking” parakeet Pluming.

Norma hailed from Kimberly, British Columbia, and was supposed to have come for the interview a month ago but had to be rescheduled because Carson was sick.

Norma had initially thought that Carson was afraid that Pluming was a tad bird and did not want to meet.

Norma was holding the parakeet “Pluming” on her palm while she spoke with Carson, and that is when the bird just flew off.

Carson’s reaction to this was hilarious. Even the audience could not stop laughing hysterically. The owner had to get off the seat to get her bird. However, one man from the audience did find the bird and returned it to the owner.

Norma has five parakeets, but they could only speak around 20 words. However, Pluming was exceptional and could talk about 150 words.

Carson wanted to start talking to the bird, but there was no way he could make the parakeet talk. Norma resorted to different ways to make the bird speak, but it was of no use.

The owner even offered the bird’s favorite spaghetti, but it made no difference.

Norma even told Carson later during the interview that the bird could speak in two languages. Carson amusingly responded, “which means he does not speak two languages,” making the crowd burst into laughter.

However, when Carson saw the bird on the tape talking and saying, “Here’s Johnny.” He really found it fascinating.

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