Homeless dog keeps shaking her tail at every passer-by trying to gain a liitle attention


This story tells about a little tiny pup, who did everything to survive the weather of Sri Lanka and stayed at the market all the time.

The dog wanted to survive as she began to wag her tail when she saw someone approaching her.

Fortunately, her actions were noticed by a rescuer from Lek Chalert and several of her comrades.

The work of this group, which is in Thailand, is to save the lives of elephants, but it happened in SriLanka to save the life of an elephant, but they saw a small puppy.

They posted on YouTube that they were in Sri Lanka to rescue an elephant and suddenly saw a puppy in the market chasing them over and over again, which helped her win their hearts.

So they picked a puppy and tried to let passers-by adopt her, but when people found out she was a woman, they didn’t want to anymore.

So they left her with their driver Tushara and came to buy her a new blanket.

They gave her a shower and put her to bed in a warm bed with them at the hotel.

Unfortunately, they had to to leave SriLanka without ever finding a permanent home for her, but Lek-Lek, the dog, now lives with Tushara and his family, and she looks so unrecognizable now!

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