After being rescued a three-legged cat falls in love with the family’s paraplegic kitty, helping him grow


For stray animals existing is so lonely and helpless. They have to learn to survive not only against cruel people, but also against many risks.

That’s why veterinary clinic named Ashen was founded by an animal lover who has dedicated her life to help the planet’s most vulnerable animals.

One of the legs of the kitten was seriously injured, which required her transfer to another medical institution.

Fortunately, Ashen did not leave her and stayed by her side throughout the hardship.

Sadly, after a full examination, the doctors had to to amputate the leg. That’s the only solution.

Happily, everything went successful, and since then this little hairball has had to adapt to its brand new ‘existence’.

During the most difficult times of his recovering, Ashen could not stop thinking about the little kitten, so he decided to keep her forever.

Ashen brought her home after a few days she recovered.

When the kitten came home, she was so delighted with her new caring human and started to express her gratitude with her charming eyes .
Some days has passed, and Ekim continued to develop normally;

Happily, he developed excellent relationships with the rest of Ashen’s kittens. It didn’t take long for her to learn to walk and experience new experiences with her three little legs.

Ekim was so energetic and friendly and played like other fourlegged cat. But Ashen never expected to fall in love with Haiko, one of his kittens, paralyzed from the waist down.

Hayko was placed under the care of Ekim, and he was very handsome.

Ekim was so loving, and while the other cats tried to keep their distance, she was always on the lookout for her new fellow.

Ekim always looks after the safety of his new best friend, running up to him to hug and chat.  It didn’t take too long for her to master her position as an older sister.

As Ashen noted two months ago, she told Haiko that she would help him make better and improve his life.

She said that she was so grateful that the kitten was growing with them, and it was all thanks to Ekim.

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