A loyal dog defended his friend dog for a week who fell into a container


The 2 dogs were missing from their house for a week. One of the doggie’s name is Tilly. The other’s name is Phoebe.

One day they decided to run away from their house as the owner had guests and forgot to close the gate.

As the owner said it wasn’t the first time that the gate remained open but the doggies didn’t want to go outdoors alone, without their owner.

Tilly went out of the house first, then Phoebe followed him. After that it turned out that Phoebe had fallen into a barrel.

But the doggie Tillie didn’t leave the dog alone and protected him as he could.

He tried to come to a man for help and support of his friend.

The owner of the dog immediately applied for a rescue platoon. Finding these two doggies is quite difficult.

A week later, they were planted. After being planted and reunited with their owner they had a hamburger regale party. They slept very well.

Now, the dogs have a GPS collar so that they didn’t get lost next time.

These doggies are the proof of true love, care and faithfulness. So glad they could find them and the dogs were both saved.

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