Wild deer and kitten become unseparable buddies and spend an amazing time together


Babies generally bring a lot of guests around to see it for the first time. In this case, it was a kitten that drew the attention of a wild deer.

A pet lover recently came across a 6-week-old kitten which she named Monkey. The sweet kitten was extraordinarily naughty and cute.

When they came across Monkey, everybody welcomed the kitten happily, except the cat of their house, Mango. He was very close to his sister. The family also had a Golden Retriever, who was very happy with the new family member.

Monkey was a real snuggle bug. He would snuggle up to anybody he could come across at home. With time the other cats at home also started to welcome Monkey’s company, including Mango.

Buttons, who was a wild deer, was a regular guest in Mango’s owner’s property. She used to bring along other family members to meet her human friends every now and then.

There she met Monkey, and the two immediately had a liking for each other.

Monkey always used to walk up to the other family members of Buttons. He would not leave a chance to snuggle up to Buttons. Soon Monkey got so close to the other animals in the house that they would play with each other.

Mango and Monkey got incredibly close to each other. Mango would cry when he failed to find Monkey. The Golden Retriever in the house was also extremely friendly with the kitten.

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