Starving Pitbull transforms into smooshy girl that loves her ice cream sundays


A starving Pitbull locked up for 6 years was rescued and rehabilitated by a woman named Heather Owen, who works at One Tail At A Time.

This organization rescues animals, provides support to owners, ends pet homelessness, and makes pet ownership a joyful and accessible experience for all.

One day, they rescue a pitbull named Arugula left in an alley behind a house covered in a blanket. The dog is highly emaciated to the point she cannot raise her head up.

The dog is taken to a vet hospital for emergency treatment. After a few days, she is ready to leave and can get up and make a few steps, albeit weakly.

Arugula is picked from the hospital heading to a foster home. She is clothed in a sweater to keep herself warm because it’s chilly outside. In her new home in Chicago, the pitbull is encouraged to sit and rise though her legs still wabble.

It will take weeks before Arugula can gain enough energy and muscle to be a normal dog. Through good care, the pitbull slowly gains strength and can walk around the house and go for walks outdoors.

The time has come for Arugula to leave. She is lucky to find a home where she gets great attention and finds another dog for companionship.

Her new mommy is named Heidi, and the pitbull is excited and can’t stop running and jumping around the house.

Arugulas’ new dog friend is named Hunter, and both get along nicely by playing, eating, and sleeping together. Heidi considers herself lucky to have the pitbull and also happy that her kids love her too.

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