Attention stealing parrot’s antics earn him the title of “biggest drama king”


Pets love to get all the love and attention from their owners, and Nelson was no different from this fact. He was a cute little parrot who was always up to some pranks.

Nelson would dance his way around and do things that he wanted to do. Even though he often used to get into trouble, that didn’t bother him at all. Instead, he was always wanting all the attention he could get from Tara, his mother.

Nelson would love to go out with Tara sitting on her shoulders. While at home, he would tear away toys and do whatever pleased his heart. He would not bother much about the consequences.

Soon, Henry, a black Labrador retriever, arrived in the family. Nelson disliked the puppy at first sight. He knew that his owners’ love would now be divided, which did not please Nelson.

He did not keep any stone unturned in irritating Henry. Even when Henry grew up a bit, Nelson kept on doing pranks to irritate Henry. However, this habit soon changed, and both became great buddies.

Both Henry and Nelson became partners in crime. When somebody drove up in the driveway, Nelson would start squawking.

This was a cue for Henry, who would begin barking almost immediately.

Nelson and Henry just loved to drive Tara nuts. Nonetheless, these two helped relieve Tara’s stress, and there wasn’t a day when she did not laugh at the antics of these two pets.

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