After 84 Long Days, Foster Mother Finally Wins Over Untamed Cat


It was 40 degrees below zero when Marcia went to rescue 13 beloved cats who were living in an elderly woman’s trailer after she was taken to a care home. Among those 13 kitties was Eeyore.

When Eeyore first settled in with her foster mother, he was not a happy cat, but his foster mother was patient. She spent every day with the cantankerous cat, helping him get used to her scent and presence.

It took 84 long days of joining Eeyore in the room, spacing out days of closeness with days of simply sharing a room, but finally, Eeyore had warmed up enough for his foster mom to get closer.

It was when that she realized that the poor kitty was in pain because of his rotten teeth. After a quick visit to the vet, Eeyore was much happier and no longer hurting.

Already, Eeyore’s outlook was so much brighter, but his journey didn’t stop there. Even though his foster mom wanted to keep him, Eeyore needed somewhere with room to roam.

But who would take such a high-maintenance pet? That was when his adoptive parent reached out to her, more than willing to offer Eeyore everything he needed to find his happiness.

After a long drive, Eeyore settled in with his adoptive parent. Here, he lives a luxurious life with his own bedroom. It was quite a journey, but Eeyore had come to his forever home!

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