Adorable partially deaf Pitbull puppy understands sign language


Ryan and Ellen are a happy couple trying to show the world that deaf and hearing relationships can work. But they’ve taken it a step further with their adorable little pup.

The couple has a pet Pitbull puppy which they have named Java. Java is a beautiful and gentle puppy rescued by Bullies and Buddies and later adopted by Ryan and Ellen.

Java is fond of her new toys, especially the Kong toy, usually filled with her food. Java is a very obedient puppy and listens to all the commands given by her human, usually in sign language. Ryan is hearing impaired. He recently found that Java is partially deaf in the right ear.

So, the couple had decided to teach Java sign language so that the puppy could understand the commands easily. As a result, Java has learned a few words: sit, down, stay, friend, sleep, love you, and come.

This is pretty impressive, considering Java is just a puppy. The couple has taken care of the puppy’s vaccines and were pretty excited to take her out to the Home Depot.

Java was excited to visit the store and loved looking outside the car window while traveling to Home Depot. However, the clanging noises of the cart scared the poor puppy, and she jumped into Ellen’s arms.

Later on, Java calmed and enjoyed roaming around the vast store with the couple. Soon, Java got tired and rested on Ryan’s shoulder for a while.

She looked adorable while she was relaxing. Ryan and Ellen consider Java as a family, and it is evident that she treats them the same way.

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