The world’s shortest cow is the size of a small dog. video


A small farm in Bangladesh is awaiting confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records to determine if their beloved miniature cow is indeed the shortest cow in the world.

Their cow is named Rani, and she measures only 20 inches tall and 26 inches long. Weighing only 57 pounds, she has the size and stature of a typical dog rather than a standard cow.

Because of her small stature, she often has trouble walking around the farm. Her legs are weak and she commonly falls when she has to walk for long distances or stand for too long.

The world’s smallest cow is the size of a small dog

Fortunately, the children on the farm are willing to lend a helping hand. One of their favorite jobs is to pick up Rani and carry her around the farm, taking her wherever she needs to go.

Her measurements would easily beat the current world record holder, but the farm has to wait for official word from the Guinness Book of World Records before they can celebrate the achievement.

Whether she becomes the world’s shortest cow or not, Rani has already earned a special place in the lives of the farmers and visitors who stop by frequently to see her.

She may not be the largest cow in the world, but she has a big heart and holds a prominent role in the life of the farm.

Only time will tell whether she becomes a world record holder as well.

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