Orphaned baby sparrow gets best life from couple that rescued her


A couple shows us their journey from rescuing a baby sparrow to turning their living room into a habitat. The dark-colored baby sparrow is tiny and fragile.

A friend came across two fledglings, but one was already dead. Chibi, the baby sparrow, has been under the couple’s care even with no idea of caring for baby birds.

Chibi was introduced to cat food mixed with tofu and banana and liked it. The transformation of the bird as it grows is immense. Her beak turned from yellow to brown.

It’s fascinating to see the bird take baby steps as it learns to fly. The couple builds a sparrow habitat within their living room. She grows into a bigger and beautiful adult sparrow.

The admirable bird loves to eat different foods in the house and even play with the pieces on a chessboard.

Chibi enjoys the company of the couple, always resting on their shoulders.

Repeated attempts to release Chibi into a garden fail miserably. The bird will momentarily fly to a tree and come back to sit on the couple’s shoulders.

A compromise is found for Chibi to live with the couple while enjoying time outside.

Chibi loves to take a bath, play with pebbles at the beach, and go out on walks sitting on their shoulders.

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